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Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII Review

The Akai Professional MPK Mini MKII is one of the most fantastic midi controller available in the market. It can be used with the majority of the well-known Digital Work Stations, and it is a fact that it work conveniently with most of them, even for beginner users.

The controller comes in a very well designed packaging, in which the buyer can find the keyboard, all the necessary cables need to start using the device, a manual with instructions and additional information about where on the internet you can download the software of the MKII.

The design of the keyboard is awesome. The eye-catching colors and the delicate design are the main reason why this controller is so appealing to most of the music producers.

It has a one of a kind joystick, which makes the modulation as easy as it gets, along with a pitch control that becomes more essential for music producers as time goes by. The control is not a typical wheel like on most other controllers. It has a joystick style, which helps in gaining more control over the pitching procedure.

For beginner users of midi controllers, it takes only a little portion of time to start getting used to the device. It has great portability, due to the very small size of the keys. You may find it a little bit strange or difficult in the beginning when you start pressing them as they are not designed for more-than-average fingers, but this is nothing to be stated as a con.

The controller works great when it comes to mixing or editing your sound files. It is not designed for large compositions or massive arrangements of notes, as it only has 25 keys, although you can easily do so if you desire. Just keep in mind it may take a little longer.

The MPK Mini MKII is an excellent choice for beginner music producers. You can start experimenting with your productions or small compositions, and it is the perfect tool to start learn editing, mixing or any other processes regarding music production in DAWs.

AKAI is one of the most trustful companies in the area of music gear, their specialty is creating devices with pads, and keys, so in no way you are going to be disappointed with the particular device.

As far as beginner producers are concerned, the MKII is one of the best choices to start with. It is extremely portable for live performances and travels, and it is one of the easiest midi controllers to learn in a short period of time, which means that you will be able to start using it effectively before the learning process starts becoming discouraging.

The structure and stability of the unit is more than great. This is due to the reliability of the AKAI Company in designing and manufacturing quality music equipment over the years. The small but very solid built of the MPII is one of the main reasons this device is suitable for travel or touring purposes.

Even though the structure of the unit is very strong and stable, you should pack it carefully when travelling. Make sure that you do not place lots of heavy gear or any stuff over the device. It will not break that easily, but it consists of many materials that are of high quality and should be taken care of.

The built quality of the pads is more than standard. They are light, and very easy to press without becoming flimsy. They feel very nice, and they prevent careless fingers from pressing the wrong keys, within logical limits.

The price of the MPK Mini MKII is exactly for what the device was designed. It is very affordable for most producers and home studios on a budget, and the structure quality is excellent for the money.

The MKII has all the necessary features you need to start working on your music projects immediately after setup. It has buttons, which let you switch between octaves very conveniently, so that you can work to an extended melodic range.

The pitch joystick is there to make the notes sound more realistic, and let the user experiment with new sound styles and patterns. Along with that, there is an arpeggiator on the device, which has resolution that you can adjust, and additional modes to play with and add to your lines and riffs.

What is more, AKAI provides the user the ability to use the MPC Note Repeat and the Full Level functions. These special AKAI features can be found on most MPC workstations and take the user experience to the next level.

In order to make the portability of the device even better, the company has made it a plug-and-play unit, which means that you do not need any drivers installed or external power adapters in order to use the MKII.

You can start using the device immediately after you plug it into a USB port with the USB cable included in the package. Presets can be stored in no time at all, as the unit has four memory banks that make this possible as quickly as it gets.

The AKAI MPK Mini MKII should be considered as one of the most effective mini midi controller available in the market at the moment. There many other controller that are of high quality and compete with the particular one, but the MKII is the one that we suggest considering the high levels of portability and the great quality of its structure.

This new model is one of the most flexible and well-built controllers we have seen and tested. It is extremely affordable and comes with all the essential features in the package, so that it can make the user experience as pleasing as possible.

Last but not least, the mini keyboard cannot make everyone feel comfortable as it differs a lot from large keyboards that make it pretty easy for users to press their keys, but once you get used to it you can very easily understand the effect on the portability of the device this has.

The MKII is definitely our number one suggestion regarding affordable, portable and effective midi controllers, and you can find it in every music gear shop.

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