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How to Become a Famous Singer – Step by Step Instructions

If you are dreaming of becoming a successful famous singer, you must already know that it is a difficult path to follow and it requires big amounts of work and dedication.

You must be able to devote many hours into learning how to sing, improving your voice skills, studying music theory and trying to make it in the music industry. These are steps that may seem very difficult or even impossible to achieve, especially when starting, but they are necessary in order to fulfil your dreams.

Keep in mind, that you should get ready to start practicing hard and address becoming a successful singer as your main goal no matter the cost. Let us take a look at the most important steps a beginner need to take towards fame and recognition as a singer.

Believe in yourself

The first thing you need to have is the belief in yourself and your talent. You should have a very general perspective of your capabilities and be willing to work patiently in order to improve them.

You must be as subjective as you possibly can with yourself and work on things you like. No matter how good you are, you will not manage to achieve satisfying results on your music if you work under pressure or on songs that you don’ t like.

Always remember that the choice to become a singer is yours and you have to be determined to find success. If your only goal is to become famous or make money, you will find the creative part more difficult than you expect.

You have to make sure that you have certain capabilities and talents required to make it as a singer, even if you are at a starting point. You have to believe that with hard work and patience you can steadily improve and see amazing results. It is a matter of how much work you are going to do and how much time and energy you are willing to sacrifice.

Decide on your music genre

The purpose is to create music that you love listening to. This way, it is very difficult to get bored or stuck without ideas to make new songs. Take a look at what songs and music artists you like listening to and find out what their music genres are.

Try to start learning everything you can about the music genre you choose. Study the already established artists and learn everything you can about their careers and their discographies. Learn about their most successful moments and focus on their mistakes so that you can avoid them.

Make sure that you study music theory focused on the music genre that you like, so that you acquire a very general idea about the song structures, styles of music, the musicians and the way they work. Being able to identify the main characteristics of a music genre will help you during the actual process of a studio recording in the future.

Practice daily

You need to adjust your daily routine so that you can make time for your daily practice sessions. If you have a morning job, you can schedule your rehearsals for the afternoon or the evening.

If you have the luxury of time, make sure that you use the hours that you function best in the day for your practice. This way you enhance your creativity and can be more energetic during the practice process.

Make sure that you take several breaks during the day if you practice long hours so that you do not end up feeling exhausted. Furthermore, you should consider taking some days off during each month, so that you can relax and clean your mind and be more effective.

Use the rehearsal to acquire a better understanding of your voice and its capabilities. Try to expand the limits of your vocal chords, and challenge yourself with more difficult songs and covers so that you try harder.

What is more, gather your friends to come and watch you during your practice sessions. They are more subjective and they will be able to provide you with important information about what they would expect from you and the improvements you could make.

This is a great way to try different approaches of your own, or of the cover songs that you usually practice during the rehearsal. Always listen to their recommendations and be open to new suggestions.

Take lessons

No matter how much talent you have, when starting out you should consider taking singing lessons. It is very important that you find a vocal coach to train you and give you insights of the ways you should sing and use your voice.

There are always new things you can learn about singing that no matter how many lesson you do they are never enough. Make sure that you listen to your coach carefully and note down any of the advice that he gives that you find extremely important and helpful.

When you think that you have covered the basic steps and strategies of singing, and your vocal coach agrees that you are on a good level, you can ask him for more advanced techniques, especially those that successful singers use, in order to take your singing abilities to the next level.

Try to acquire as much knowledge from the experience of your coach. Most of the coaches have work with some of the established music artists and singers, and they will be able to provide you some guidance considering the music industry.

Study an instrument

Learning to play an instrument can be extremely beneficial in several ways. First of all, it is a skill that will make you capable of composing and writing your own songs from scratch. You can create the basis of your own songs, and then gather the rest of the musicians and perform it as a band.

In addition to this, it will help you gain a better understanding of music in general. Learning how to use the chords of your instrument, will be a similar lesson to learning how to use your vocal chords.

Furthermore, it can help you establish a better communication with fellow musicians. Musicians tend to use advanced music terms that many people outside the music industry do not understand. Learning how to use their language will make it easier for you discuss about your songs and be able to have a more efficient creative process.

Develop your style

It is essential that you start developing your own unique style. Every singer has a signature style that distinguishes him from the rest of the singers out there, and the music industry becomes more demanding over time due to the appearance of many new artists and the general saturation.

Understand your special skills and the main characteristics of your voice and work on them. Practice very hard to make them stand out and display them as your trademark.

Find your weaknesses, try to eliminate them and enhance your stronger parts as a singer in order to be able to compete with the rest of the newcomer singers. This is a long term process and it takes time to understand the characteristics that make you unique. You need to be determined and improve constantly.

If you write lyrics, you can do the same as with your voice and make them stand out from the rest of the songs out there. Evolve a writing style that distinguishes you from other lyricists or work on a song structure that differs significantly from what the listeners are used to.

Experiment and do not hesitate to test your limits. What seems impossible today becomes possible through hard work and practice.

Record your songs

You should start recording demo versions of your songs. In order to achieve this you could build your own home studio. Soundproof it, purchase the appropriate equipment and start recording your voice by making covers or your own songs.

You do not need to have the skills of professional sound engineers. You can make rough recordings of your demos so that you can take a taste of how you sound when you sing. It is a great way to focus on your imperfections and start working on how to improve them.

If you have the ability and the budget, you can find a professional recording studio and start recording your songs with an audio engineer. It will be an enlightening experience, as the audio engineer will be able to guide you through the process the right way.

Most of the sound engineers are experienced musician themselves, and even if they are not, they most likely have worked with successful musicians and singers and they know the exact process of creating and recording a song from scratch, so you will be able to learn how to record your songs from their experience perspective.

What is more, you will have your songs edited, mixed and mastered professionally, which will help you understand better how to work on your songs and how to use your voice.

Make live performances

After you have recorded some of your songs and you have gotten familiar with the studio environment, you can proceed to the next step which playing live for and audience.

Search for bars, live stages or small venues and book your first gigs. Make sure that you play for a relevant audience regarding your music genre and do your best to impress them. The purpose is not only to showcase your singing abilities. You should try to interact with the audience as much as possible too.

Make sure that you talk to the people that came to listen and see you after the gig is over. Be friendly, discuss with them and ask for their opinion. People love sharing their ideas and views on matters that interest them, so you will be able to earn their respect and acquire some useful information about your performance.

In addition to the above, you could give or sell them your demos or albums, T-Shirts and other merchandise so that you can earn an initial income which you could reinvest back to promoting your songs, or paying for your vocal lessons etc.

Promote yourself

Promoting yourself is one of the main things you should take into serious considerations when you start your career as a singer. Grab every chance you can to make your name known and talk to the people around you about your music.

Create a strong social media presence and start engaging with people and various audiences relevant to your music genre online. Always try to share your songs with them and suggest to other people to share them too.

You can use social media platforms such as Facebook and Youtube as your main sources of traffic for your music videos. Be always available for the people and answer to all their messages, especially the ones that are about your music.

Provide constantly new songs or useful information for your fans, or photos from the recording process and videos of your live performances. Try to keep them engaged in order to come back for more, and check the comments section in every platform to understand what they expect from you.

Make your music available for purchase in music platforms and libraries and inform your listeners where they can find and buy your albums. No matter how small your income from selling your music is in the beginning, reinvest it back to advertising and promoting your music to spread the word.


When you decide that you want to pursue fame as a singer, you need to know that networking efficiently will be one the key factors that will allow you to achieve this.

Make sure that you work with other artists and singers, preferably more experienced than you so that you can benefit from their knowledge. Pay close attention to the ways they work, how they use their voices and the methods they use to build a song from scratch.

Take advantage of the studio environment and the people that work in it. A lot of good musicians, singers or managers visit professional studios to work or talk with the owners. If you have the opportunity during your recording sessions, participate in discussions with them and get know them.

They are very influential people and they can listen to your songs and estimate your singing capabilities better than anyone. Record labels always rely on their suggestions, and it would be the best way to get your name known if you connect with them.

These are some of the ways you need to work in order to become a famous singer. Organize your schedule and your daily routine and work hard. Promote yourself and network with the right people.

The best is yet to come!

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