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Best EDM Studio Monitors for Beginner Electronic Music Producers

Best EDM Studio Monitors for Beginner Electronic Music Producers

Establishing a career as an electronic music producer is a dream for many beginner musicians in the music industry. It is one of the most competitive fields, and requires countless hours of dedication hard work, creativity and talent to start creating interesting electronic music.

Being a producer, you can work as a DJ, film soundtrack composer or electronic music producer in general, creating your own projects and making live performances and tours. Sometimes, it can take years to establish your name as a brand, and earn the respect and publicity your work deserves, so patience is a necessary virtue.

One of the first things you need to keep in mind as a beginner, is the fact that you are going to need your own sound equipment, so that you can practice and make your music creations. This, requires an initial investment, although you can just start with the most basic equipment at first, especially if you are on a limited budget.

The most essential sound equipment you are going to need, is a personal computer or laptop, an audio interface and a good pair of studio monitors. Later on, you can acquire midi keyboards, pad controllers, sequencers, synthesizers and more, which can help you improve your electronic music making process.

Studio monitors are among the most important tools for an EDM producer, because their sound quality will help you determine how you are going to work on your projects, individual songs or entire albums. They deliver the sound you listen, so it is essential that you acquire a decent pair of monitors that deliver the exact sound quality you are looking for.

Furthermore, along with the studio monitors suitable for electronic music, you are going to need your own space to setup your equipment and start practicing on your music. To achieve this, you can build you own home studio, which you can soundproof and place your computer, audio interface and studio monitors.

Considerations that you need to keep in mind before purchasing your EDM studio monitors


The studio monitors that you are going to acquire, need to have a solid structure quality. This will enhance their stability and will help the internal material stay protected, especially when used in rough occasions such as live performances, or remote recordings.


You should make sure that your studio monitors are capable of functioning extremely well, and can get the job done. You need to check their connectivity, onboard switches and knobs, or decide whether you want to purchase active or passive speakers, nearfield or far field and so on.

What is more, you need to learn everything about the woofers and the tweeters of your monitors. This will help you understand their frequency range, and the type of sound they produce. You should test and experiment with the studio monitors before you purchase them, so that you are sure that they are the appropriate tools for the job.


The price of the monitors, depends solely on your budget. If you are a beginner, there are many affordable options from which you can choose, that will deliver excellent sound quality. If you have the financial ability, you can invest bigger amounts of money and acquire higher quality studio monitors, although this is not necessary in the beginning.


You can look for bundled packages of the studio monitors you decide to purchase. Bundles, are worth the purchase because they include additional features in the package, such as monitors stands, isolation pads, cables and sometimes even audio interfaces and microphones.

Here is our list with 5 of the best EDM studio monitors, suitable for beginner electronic music producers

Fluid Audio F5 (Pair) – 5″ 2-way Studio Reference Monitors, Black


The Fluid Audio F5 is a pair of studio monitors, perfectly suitable for EDM producers. The monitors have a very solid structure, which provides a sense of stability and roughness. They are pretty lightweight, when compared with similar monitors with about the same specifications.

The units have an onboard amplifier, which you can turn on with a switch, and they host various line input ports such as: RCA, XLR and TRS. In addition to this, they have a tweeter that is placed at the centre of the front part, a woofer, volume fader and a bass reflex port.

There is a power LED placed between the drivers, which has two indicator colored lights. The red light indicates the muted standby mode of the monitor, and the light turns into blue when there is sound. The standby mode of the monitor starts after 15 seconds, which makes the process smoother without sudden changes.

It is very easy to control the volume levels of the Fluid Audio F5, as the volume fader is very easy to access, and makes the adjustments very convenient, providing full range volume control from maximum to off.

The particular monitors use a five inch driver, which has a low range limit of 49Hz. This can be very effective, depending on the quality and balance of the frequency response above the 49Hz. A new user needs to take his time to get used to these monitors, due to their very special sound, but the result is worth the time investment.

The frequency response of the Fluid Audio F5 is very smooth, with a subtle presence in the mids, along with very warm low ends, which makes the sound much cleaner. The high frequencies tend to be a little harsh, making easy for someone to notice the presence of air, although this only happens when the gain is settled to the maximum.

Overall, the Fluid Audio F5 are amazing monitors, with very clean sound and a nice punchiness, providing special stereo imaging that makes the songs sound opener and more detailed. Their general performance is fascinating, and they deliver what promised for their price. Their smooth middle frequencies, along with the nice low ends make them an excellent option for every electronic music producer.

KRK RP5G3W-NA Rokit 5 Generation 3 Powered Studio Monitor – White – Pair


The KRK Rokit 5 are among the most popular studio monitor in the electronic dance producer circles. Their neutral and significantly clean sound are two of the main reasons responsible for their increasing popularity, along with their trademark design that makes them stand out from the rest.

The monitors have very high accuracy levels, which can make them an essential tool for every producer. They can producers hear every single detail of the sound they process, which is a great advantage when it comes to editing, mixing and mastering a beat or a production.

The KRK Rokit 5 monitors are very loud, and an addition of a decent audio interface will make them capable of demonstrating their awesome power. No matter how much you press the gain of your interface, there is no presence of distortion or clipping, and they have very balanced low ends that make the bass sound subtly warm, although it does not have the extreme deepness needed to make the sub bass stand out too much.

These studio monitors, have a great punchiness in the mid frequencies, which provides a nice presence and clarity for almost every instrument, and the vocals as well. Their trebles are clean and powerful, adding more to the punchiness stated above.

There are some high quality cushion pads placed at the bottom of the units, which make the monitors more stable and reduce the vibrations caused by the lower frequencies, to ensure their stability. Make sure that you purchase the appropriate connectivity cables when you buy the monitors, as they are not included in the package. Overall, the KRK Rokit 5 are a great option for electronic music producers that want to take their sound to the next level.

Pioneer DJ DM-40 PAIR Desktop Monitors Bring Excellent Audio Quality


The Pioneer DJ DM-40 is a pair of compact studio monitors, suitable for electronic music producers that travel a lot or create music in remote locations. Although smaller than the rest of their competition, they do not weigh less, and they have a very solid wooden structure that provides a sense of security and stability.

Their sturdy structure is responsible for their high quality sound, as they manage to remain still and they reduce the vibrations caused by the lower ends of the sound. Furthermore, the monitors are front ported, and the slot at the front part of the speakers allows the air to move more easily in and out of the unit, providing better low ends and a deeper bass feeling.

The Pioneer DJ DM-40 have a very nice design and a clever structure. There is the master speaker, and in the speaker there is an amplifier included. There is also the secondary speaker, and the volume controls along with the power light on the front part. In addition to these, the unit has an on/off switch and two different inputs at the back.

When you purchase the monitors, you can find two power leads in the package, the cables of the unit and a single audio cable that has 1/8 jack and RCA plugs. Furthermore, isolation foam pads are included in the package, which you can place under each monitor to reduce vibrations, and increase the units’ stability.

Overall, the sound that the monitors deliver is perfectly suitable for music producers that are looking for that extra edge and color for their music creations. The Pioneer DJ DM-40 have very warm low ends and a very nice loudness. The middle frequencies have a subtle punchiness, and they come at a very affordable price, which makes them accessible by almost every beginner producer.

Alesis Elevate 5 | 40-watt 5″ Active Desktop Studio Monitor Speakers with Elliptical Waveguide (Pair)


The Alesis Elevate 5 is an awesome pair of studio monitors. Their frequency response goes down to 55Hz, which extends their frequency range more than most of the similar monitors and makes them perfect for electronic music producers who use lots low ends for their bass and kicks.

Their accuracy levels are excellent, and the sound they deliver is very clean and detailed. You can easily hear every single sound, like the ones that stand out in the mix and the ones at the background as well. Their power is great, as they have 40 watts RMS per monitor, which makes them ideal for small rooms and home studios.

The Alesis Elevate 5 have a very sturdy structure, which enables them to tolerate any mishandles and minor abuse. Their design looks simplistic and professional, which is a nice addition and makes them appealing and provide a sense of trust to the user.

The sound of the monitors has no hiss, although you may start noticing some at the highest volume levels. There are also front ported low end frequency holes, which is one of their great advantages. The audio and inter-speaker cables that are included in the package have nice quality but are short, which is a minor disadvantage. Overall, the Alesis Elevate 5 are worth the purchase, if you are an EDM producer that wants special color and character at the low ends, to enhance the warmness and smoothness of his productions.

Rockville ASM5 5″ 2-Way 200W Active/Powered USB Studio Monitor Speakers Pair


The Rockville ASM5 is a nice pair of all-purpose studio monitors, suitable for every home studio. It can take some days and practice to get used to them, but after that you will find their neutral sound extremely functional regarding audio mixing and mastering.

The monitors have an HF bias switch, which you can use to adjust the leveling, although for those interested in mixing accurately it is advised that you let it sit at 0db to maintain the sound neutral. This way you can avoid any misleading and misconceptions regarding the perspective of your sound.

The Rockville ASM5 have a great nice bass presence, which sound very deep and naturally balanced. For better use and less vibrations, you can place isolation pads under each studio monitor. The isolation pads can absorb most of the noise caused by the low frequencies, as well as reduce some of the muddiness caused by the low mids.

The clarity of the sound is excellent, and the high frequencies sound detailed and accurate, without getting harsh or causing any distortion issues. The monitors have a four-way amplifier that does a great job and adds amazing loudness to the sound.

Overall, the Rockville ASM5 is a great choice for most electronic music producers. They deliver significantly accurate sound along with beautifully smooth low frequencies, which provide stability and steadiness for heavy sounds. One of the best options for EDM producers, at a very affordable price.

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