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Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Review

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is a great audio interface, designed to be suitable for the majority of home and professional studios. The interface is claimed by the Focusrite Company to be their absolute success, and they say that since its launch, the particular model has become the interface with the most sales around the world.

The Company, although they recognize this huge success, they have taken their technologies several steps further in order to keep up with the competition. They have since launched quite a few new model and they have evolved by creating a nice variety of audio interfaces within the same high standards.

One of the biggest improvements for the Focusrite, is the ability to manufacture their next generation of audio interfaces, not only by making them look nicer and more eye-catching, but also by developing and focusing on making their software even better.

The Scarlett 2i2 is the perfect audio interface for making quality recordings. It has up to 24 bit and 96kHz recording specification, which is one of the facts that keep the user reassured that the sound quality will remain at high levels.

The pres stay consistent and they are clean and crispy. For those that are willing to take their recording to the next level, it has to be stated that you can include the Scarlett suite of plugins. The suite should be installed along with the Ableton Live, so that you can work with it to its maximum capabilities.

In order to start enhancing your sound, you can choose from a variety of Compressors, Equalizers and other features that you can find in the suite. The Focusrite Company makes it as easy as possible for their customers to achieve the best results possible with their music projects, so that they can keep them satisfied.

As far as the sound quality and the design of 2i2 are concerned, they are almost perfect. It is very difficult for most users to spot any minor cons, and this is because of the careful manufacturing of the audio interface.

The device runs smoothly even with low buffer settings, without causing any problems for the CPU. This means it can be easily used even with low-performance desktops and laptops, without the appearance of any cracks or popping, while maintaining the latency levels to the minimum.

The Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 offers no obvious sound delays while recording any vocals or instruments that can be spotted with the headphones. There is also a switch on the audio interface, which you can use to route the sound of the input directly to your headphones or your studio monitors, bypassing the computer.

What this means is that it reduces the latency levels to absolute zero, without any effort, as it makes it possible for you to listen to the audio you are recording or playing in real time.

What is more, the 2i2 has halo indicators, so you can monitor the signal. During the recording sessions, you can notice either green or red light on the gain knob. The green light means that you are getting a nice signal and the red that the recording is causing clipping, in which case you should reduce the input volume.

It is a fact that many upgrades have taken place in the second generation of the Scarlett audio interfaces. For instance, there is the real time recording and monitoring feature, which is a result of the zero latency improvement of the Scarlett interfaces.

In addition to this, the overall physical design of the interface has seen massive improvements, from the well-designed volume controls which are made of metal materials, to the eye-catching red color surface of the unit that attracts the user immediately.

The Scarlett 2i2 has the ability to operate at 192kHz sample rate, which has improved the sound quality significantly along with nicely-designed the input channels that make the use of the interface much easier than before.

There have also been upgrades to the Scarlett preamplifiers, which as a result add even more to the already high sound quality of the interface. The preamp has higher level of gain, the accuracy of volume levels is better than ever and the manufacturers focus on designing the instrument input from the beginning so that it offer a better user experience for loud instruments.

The portability of the Scarlett 2i2 remain one of the biggest advantages of the particular audio interface. It is one of the best solutions when it comes to travelling or live performances, as it is very light and well-built, so that you have no fear of damaging it too easily.

You can take it almost anywhere you go by placing it conveniently in your backpack, and the USB connectivity makes it possible for you to plug and start using the interface immediately with any desktop or laptop without facing installation problems.

There are two inputs on the interface. The first one is the microphone input, which is an XLR that uses the famous Scarlett preamplifiers for clean and crispy sound quality. The second input is a ¼, which can be used as an instrument input or a line input.

Regarding the outputs of the 2i2, at the front of the interface there can be found a ¼ headphone jack that provides stereo output. In addition to this, the interface provides two more RCA outputs, which can be used to connect your studio monitors.

Obviously, the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 is designed for home studio owners, who are going to use it with a small number of music gear, such as a microphone and an instrument. Also, it extremely suitable for live performances or DJ gigs, as it is portable enough and there are small numbers of equipment used in such situations.

To sum up, the Scarlett 2i2 is an amazing portable device, one of the prettiest audio interfaces in the market and designed to provide the best sound quality possible with the minimum effort.

It is strongly suggested for beginner music producers and home studio owners, as it comes in a very affordable price and it is very easy to configure and use.

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