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Types of Beats Music Producers Can Make to Sell Online

When you are about to start your online beat-selling business, it is essential that you have a general idea of what beats you need to create and list to your website or the beat-selling platforms, in order to create a large customer base and maximize your sales.

This is why you should search and ask around about your customers’ preferences, experiment and create different types of beats until you find which ones sell better and focus on them. In an ideal situation, you would have large lists of beats among as many genres and styles as possible.

Keep in mind, that you should focus mostly on the genres that you have a certain level of experience, in order to be able to provide satisfying products to your customers, although it never a bad idea to test and expand your music skills and your portfolio.

Let us find out what types of beats a music producer could make and sell online.

Rap beats

Rap beats are particularly created for rap artists. They provide a friendly music environment for the rappers’ lyrics, and they suitable for adding their verses on the beat.

For this type of beats, both sampled and royalty-free loops can be used, according to the needs of the artists. Their style can vary, from classic and oldschool hip hop sound to modern and a more electronic sound.

Rap beats usually are between 80 to 90 bpm, and they consist of and introduction, two or three main verses and two to three hooks (choruses).

R&B beats

This type of beats is created and destined for R&B or soul singers. The mood of the beats is usually soft and can vary from happy to melancholic.

R&B music is considered to be a sensitive and romantic music genre, so the beats have to be of a similar style. The beats can be created either by beatmakers, but there are also great band that can create excellent R&B beats. Their tempo is usually slower than rap beats, about 70 to 80 bpm.

Hip hop beats

Hip hop beats are considered to be the most popular type of beats available for sale online. There are many music producers that make and sell hip hop beats online with great success, and this is due to the high demand of such beats.

The use of hip hop beats is slightly different from the use of rap beats, as they are not created exclusively for rappers, but they can be used by Djs, TV shows, youtube channels and any kind of commercial use.

There is a huge variety of hip hop beats available, from fast to really slow ones, soft or hardcore, pretty subtle to very loud and dynamic ones. Their tempo is usually around 90 bpm.

Dance beats

Dance music is another great genre for music producers. Like its name states, dance beats are commonly created to accompany dancing. Their tempo is usually higher than the rest of the beats, between 110 to 130 bpm.

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) is another subgenre of dance music, which consists of more electronic elements such as synths and heavier drumloops than dance music.

Pop beats

Pop beats are the most mainstream type of beats you can find for sale online. Although pop music was originally a softer alternative of rock music, pop beats are a fusion of electronic, dance and urban elements.

The mood of pop music is most of the times uplifting, and using such beats an artists has high chances of creating hit songs that will make his name recognizable due to the popularity of this particular genre.

Trap beats

Trap music is one the newest genres. It is the evolution of hip hop and crunk music in combination with electronic dance elements, which create a more abstract music environment.

The Roland TR-808 drum machine and its sounds is the main characteristic of trap beats, and it can be used in several different ways to create minimalistic and simpler beats than the rest of the hip hop subgenres.

The tempo of trap beats is usually a lot lower than most of the beats, around 50 to 70 bpm, making it very easy for trap artists to experiment and develop minimal but yet intriguing new styles of rapping.

Gangsta beats

Gangsta rap music is originated back to the 80s and is another subgenre of hip hop music.

Its main characteristic is the fierce and violent sound, which many times turns into more melodical so that vocals and hooks can be applied on its beats.

The beats have their own original sound, mainly influenced by the NWA and Ice-T sound of the 80s. Today’s gangsta beats still manage to sound a lot like the original beats used in the beginning of gangsta rap music, with the addition of newer synths and sound effects.

Underground rap beats

Underground rap beats are hip hop beats intended for underground rappers. This type of beats uses broadly sampled loops, as the intention of the artists is not necessarily commercial.

The mood of the beats is usually darker than the rest of hip hop beats, and their creation involves sampling songs from old vinyl records and bringing them back to life.

Most artists that use underground beats are independent or at the beginning of their careers, so there is no need for royalty-free beats, so the creation process become a bit more liberating.

Hardcore rap beats

Hardcore beats are a more violent and uplifting fusion of hip hop and underground rap beats.

Their mood is dark and dirtier than usually rap beats and they tend to be raw considering composition. When making hardcore beats, the beatmakers focus on creating heavier drum loops, most times using chopped breakbeats sampled from funk and soul songs.

The bassline tends to be a lot deeper and in combination with the drum loop, they create the basis of almost every hardcore rap beat.

Battle rap beats

Battle rap beats can be used in freestyle battles, battle rap songs or cyphers. Their rhythm is usually uplifting and it has the tendency to create an environment where the MC can be inspired to create lyrics fast and structure them in efficient ways on the beats.

Many producers focus on creating great battle rap beats, because they can gain large amounts of popularity when used in battle festivals or TV and radio shows that host battles between MCs.

What is more, battle rap beats are widely used for cyphers, where groups of rappers, usually between five to ten people, gather and use a beat to showcase their rap skills one after the other.

Crunk beats

Crunk music is another hip hop subgenre and is originated back to the 90s where it gained substantial success until the early 2000s.

Crunk beats are considered to be up-tempo in comparison to the rest of the hip hop beats and they have a more dance and club orientation.

To create crunk beats, music producers use several layers of synth sounds, a main bouncing drum loop, heavy basslines and they are often accommodated by shouting vocals or vocal stabs to create a special entertaining groove.

Reggae beats

When creating reggae based beats, beatmaker use all the elements of reggae songs, such as guitars stabs and wah rhythms, rhythmical basslines and natural sounding drum loops. The tempo is most of the times slow, around 70 to 80 bpm.

Another subgenre of reggae music is reggaeton. Producers that create reggaeton beats use more uplifting riffs and drum loops creating a dancing mood, combining reggae with hip hop, Latin and Caribbean sounds.

East coast beats

East coast beats are similar to hip hop and underground beats, as it is one of the main hip hop subgenres, which was born in New York.

Aggressive drum loops that are created using classic funk, soul and jazz drum sounds, and the use of sampled loops from vinyl records are the main characteristics that distinguish east coast rap beats from the other music genres.

When creating an east coast beat, the beatmaker focuses on creating a convenient music environment for the rappers to add their verses. The melodies and the loops are smoother and are usually accompanied by the sound of the vinyl crackle.

Dirty south beats

One of the most important hip hop subgenres, is the dirty south. Its main sound is considered to be very similar to the modern hip hop sound, although it has some vague differences due to the regional part that it originates from.

Crunk music is considered to be the evolution of dirty south, which makes their sound very similar. Synth layers and bouncing drum loops are their main characteristics, although the sound of dirty south is a lot louder and uplifting from the sound of crunk music.

Club beats

The main purpose of club beats is to create a dancing club environment with bouncy drum loops and heavy sub bass sounds.

Like pop beats, this type of beats is very recognizable among artists, due to the commercial popularity that it can easily receive. Club beats became for the first time widely known by the successful producer duo “Neptunes” and since then they are a very important part of the hip hop music industry.

Free beats

Free beats are a very essential marketing tool for every music producer that wants to succeed in the online beat-selling business.

You can provide free beats to artists in exchange for their e-mail addresses and through e-mail marketing convert them into returning customers. You can keep them updated about the new products or services that you create, and inform them any time you have a new beat available.

Free beats are also a great way to attract new customers and expand, as this way visitors of your website can take a small taste of your work and decide whether or not they want to purchase your beats.

Royalty free beats

Royalty free beats are those beats that do not use samples from other songs or those that used cleared samples.

In the first situation, beatmakers create their beats composing the melodies and riffs theirselves, or by using high-quality royalty free samples and loops that they acquired with a one-time payment usually in affordable prices, without being obliged to pay additional fees.

Royalty free beats that use samples, have to take the permission to use each individual sample from the song owner and their record labels. This is a very difficult and time-consuming process that requires having to pay additional fees for every time that particular sample appears in their beats and every time that the sampled beat is played on a TV show, radio show or a podcast.

Sample beats

Many beatmakers use the sampling method to create their beats. These beats are called sample beats and are widely available for purchase online.

Such beats do not usually have clearance or permission for the samples that they use, as it is a very difficult and expensive process, especially for beginners producers that are on a budget.

Sample beats are extensively used by underground rap artists, mostly independent, and they are an inextricable part of hip hop music in general, as they originate from the beginning of hip hop music in the late 70s.

Custom beats

Beatmakers and music producer make I available for artists to make custom orders for their beats. This means that an artists, can pay the producer and him specific instructions on how to make the beats.

He can ask him to use certain samples from songs, any particular instruments, suggest how to build the drum loops and bassline, and ask for a particular amount of bpm and mood for the beat that he is about to purchase.

The artists usually purchase custom beats with exclusive licenses, and the producer does not list them with the rest of his beats on his website.

Beats with hooks

Many times, beatmakers provide professionally made, high-quality hooks with their beats. They usually consist of female or male vocals and they are properly mixed to fit with the beats.

Hooks tend to inspire artists to write lyrics for the beats, and it is a great way for independent or beginner artists, to add professional vocals to their songs because they may not have access to vocalists or professional studio equipment.

Beats with hooks are usually leased or sold on slightly higher prices than the original beats.

These are most of the types of beats that music producers should be aware of. You can experiment in creating these types of beats and then list them to your website along with the rest of your beats to expand your portfolio and gain access to more customers.

Being creative and experimenting with new sounds is something that every beatmaker with the intention of creating an online beat-selling business should take into serious consideration.

Have a nice beat-making process!

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