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How to Write a Rap Song – Instructions for Beginners

Being able to write your own rap song can be pretty challenging. Rap is a completely personal and inner-thinking form of art, which requires from the rapper or the lyricist to be able to describe his own life events and struggles.

Rap is a game that anyone can enter at any time, but not anyone can be a great rapper. It takes a lot of practice and time investment, along with the talent to be able to remember facts and events, be descriptive and manage to turn these images into written words, like a poet.

Though there are numerous different ways to approach the process of writing a rap song, there are some general rules and tips that a beginner can follow in order to start understanding how to create his own rap songs.

Sources of inspiration

The most powerful tool of a lyricist is his inspiration. You can have multiple sources of inspiration during a day, from the most unnoticed things to the biggest events that may occur to you. Such minor or major events cause both positive and negative feelings to you, which you can use and transform them into lyrics.

The key factor when you want to benefit from these sources, is to be able to pay attention to everything that happens around you, and keep them as your ideas. If you tend to forget easily or be distracted, you can always carry a notepad with you and write down everything that attracts your attention.

This is a great way to gather all kinds of ideas, which you can later use into your scripts, and eventually transform them into lyrics for your rap songs.

Make a case of collecting both positive and negative experiences, so that you can deliver multiple feelings to your listeners through your lyrics. Although some lyricists focus on only a certain kind of writing, it would be beneficial for you to have all kinds of ideas in order to test them on your lyrics, and find out which suit you best.

Be descriptive

In order to deliver the facts you experience in your everyday life the best way possible, you have to learn to be descriptive when you write your lyrics. This way, you can make your words shape imaginary images for your audience, as close to your reality as you can.

Try to describe the facts in detail, and give the listener a thorough perspective of the event that took place, as if they were there to live it.

Describe colors, images, details of the environment, people and feelings that you experienced during the facts that you write about, so that the listener starts to shape an image about the event. In-depth descriptions are very helpful to written forms of art, as there are no pictures to accompany them.

Be original

Originality is highly respected by the listeners and it will help you build a loyal fan base over time. It will make you more believable in the eyes of your audience and will make it available for you interact with people with common interests, who find great value to the topics of your lyrics.

Talk about facts of your own life and do not pretend to be someone that you are not, because sooner or later you will be out of topics and themes for your lyrics, and the only way to obtain new ones will be to copy other artists’ lyrics.

Take your time to think about your interests, how you like spending your time, the concerns you may have about all kinds of topics and talk about them in your songs. You can create lyrics for every topic that concerns you in depth, and you will be able to analyze it as much as possible.

This method of writing will create the right image of yourself to your listeners and it will be much easier to engage them, as they will trust you. Talk about yourself openly, and make your characteristics as a personality accessible to them through your lyrics.

Be creative

Another great way to enhance your talent and start writing more interesting lyrics, is to be creative. You can achieve this by letting your imagination free to explore new ways of thinking out of the box, and transfer those imaginary facts to your scripts.

Try to challenge yourself to expand your limits and write about things that you never otherwise would. Watch science fiction movies or read books so that you can obtain a general idea of how these writes you language in combination to their imagination to create their works.

You can combine real life facts with imaginary ones. You can use the real life facts as the basis of your lyrics, so that you can be able to create a topic and then take them to the next level by adding imaginary events to enhance the overall image.

Remember that all forms of art have no limitations when it comes to imagination and creativity, and you should take advantage of this and apply it to your own lyrics so that you can distinguish yourself from the rest of the lyricists and rappers.

Read all kinds of books

Reading a lot will help you use those books as examples of different types of writing. Rap lyrics are another form of writing and the same general rules apply to all of the scripts.

Make sure that you study them in depth and learn from the way that the writers of the book use the language and the vocabulary, their metaphors and their wordplays in order to make their text more appealing to their readers.

You can focus on the techniques they use, make a list of those that you like and apply them to your own lyrics. Not every method will be suitable for your style, but it is very possible that you are going to find some of those techniques very helpful and enlightening.

You can read anything, from newspapers and short stories to poems and entire books. Literature, science fiction, adventures, comics and history are some types of books you can focus on.

Make a case of creating a list of your favorite ones so that you can revisit them and study them harder. Furthermore, if you like the styles and techniques a writer may have used in his book, try and find some of his other books so that you can acquire a more accurate perspective on how he used the language to write.

Improve your vocabulary

Try to devote some of your free time into reading dictionaries. Although it may sound a bit boring. It can actually be very interesting as you can learn about the origins of the words and acquire a better understanding about how to use them in your lyrics.

What is more, it is more than certain that there are words that you are not aware of their existence. All people at some time point of their life learn about words they may have never heard of. For a rapper, this could seem like a goldmine.

You could benefit from this and use these words in your songs so that your extended vocabulary becomes your trademark. You could enrich your lyrics and make them sound more intriguing, to the point, that many people could be willing to search for the words you have used.

Find beats for your lyrics

One very important thing you have to do, is find the right beats for your lyrics. Not every beat is suitable for every song you have written. For example, if your lyrics are nostalgic and talk about your childhood memories, you should consider finding the appropriate beats that can enhance this feeling.

No matter the type of beat, you should always look for high-quality beats from reliable sources, that are always available and have the willing to help you adjust them to your song’s and your own needs.

You can also search and find the right beatmaker to make you custom beats. This way you can have a beat created from scratch, completely suited for your own lyrics. You can request the exact type of sample or melody that you want the producer to use, the bpm and the general mood of the beat so that it accompanies your lyrics the best way possible.

If you search online, but you cannot find satisfying beats for your songs, you can also start learning how to create your own beats. This way you can be always sure about the results.

Creating your own beats might sound really fascinating, but it is a long-term job and requires both time and money investments as well as many hours of practice. You have to acquire the appropriate equipment and set up a studio, so that you can practice daily and create your music productions or record your songs.

In addition to the above, having the right beats for your lyrics and a home studio, will make it possible for you to record your demo songs and listen to them in order to focus on any imperfections or mistakes considering your lyrics. This way you can improve your writing methods much faster.

Think of song topics

The first thing you need to do when you start writing a rap song, is to think of a topic or a story. This way you can establish a basis for your lyrics that you can use as a guide through the writing process.

It would be very helpful if you could think of song titles before you start writing your lyrics. Song titles usually roughly summarize the content of the entire song, so they will be the second most useful tool for you after the main topic of your song.

When you are about to create a title for your songs, try to think outside the box and come up with something interesting, preferably something that no one else has ever used. This will enhance your creativity level in the eyes of your audience, and will be a great way to distinguish from the rest of the rappers in a saturated music industry.

You can also apply this for the topics of your entire songs. Do not limit yourself in common topics that have already been approached countless other times by numerous artists. Make a case of thinking about original and authentic new themes and storylines.

In case you need to write about a common topic, try to be extremely creative in terms of building the story, the structure or the use of vocabulary. Do your best to use fascinating figures of speech, metaphors or wordplays that other rappers neglect to use.

Make your lyrics more appealing in order to captivate the interest of your audience. Listeners can become strict judges of your music as they gain experience listening to huge amount of music. You should always try to impress them and showcase your capabilities.

Structure your songs

Learn how to structure your songs correctly. There are general rules that apply to different music genres, so you should be aware of the main rules of song structuring when it comes to rap lyrics.

Although they are not mandatory, you should follow the basic ones at least in the beginning until you gain more experience. Then you can become more creative and break those rules up to a point, so that you can make more intriguing songs.

When starting out, you should have in mind that most rap songs consist of two to three verses (sometimes more, according to how many rappers participate in the track), a hook that gets repeated two to three times during the song, an introduction and an outro, and one or two bridges.

You must be able to write lyrics usually for two different verses and a chorus. Make sure that you give special emphasis to the chorus because it is the peak of the song. Make them smaller than the verses, but a lot more comprehensive, so that you can make them relevant with the verses.

Bridges are created to make the transition from a verse to the hook, or between two hook smoother. You can use one-sentence lyrics or individual word to create them, and use them to prepare the listener for the main parts of the song that are about to follow.

Practice daily

Practicing daily is the best advice for every expand the ways that you use to write lyrics.

Remember to make writing your highest priority during the day and compare yourself to the competition constantly.

Today is the right time to start writing your own rap songs. Use the instructions of this article and make it happen!

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